Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fabulous fun

I never thought I would say this, but I spent Friday night at the carni in Paris.

Granted, it was sandwiched between cocktails at Le Saut de Loup and dinner at Hotel Costes.

And it’s not just any carni, but a carni with une Grande Roué that offers views such as this.

But a carni nonetheless.

The fun with Mel started at the beautiful Le Saut de Loup.

As we were sitting there, the light at sunfall became so beautiful, we had to run over and feel the grass with our toes.

But don’t be fooled. Despite the bare feet and gin and tonics, the night was and summer continues to be cold, cold, cold.

Then it was onto la Grande Roué…

…giddy and dorky, we were.

Going up and up…

… and up.

And just in case you had any doubt that Paris is the most beautiful city in the world…

The fun was over much too quickly. So we took a stroll through the carnival for kicks.

And then tried to regain our dignity with a lovely and light dinner in the courtyard of Hotel Costes.

Anything but a typical night in Paris. And everything about it was fabulous.


  1. I spent two glorious weeks in Paris last month, the carnival was set up in the second week. I was there with my family, including my 9 year old son, so we visited this many times during the 10 days that it was open. It was hot, hot hot then though. That air swing is fantastic too if you get a chance to go back, great views and a fun ride.

    ! ! !
    Yahoo looks like an awful lot of fun to me :)

  3. Seriously, it was the best! I want to go again. And, Louise, I think I'm doing the swings this time.

  4. that roué looks very fancy compared to the one I went on last summer! très jalouse, comme d'hab!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! :D Makes me want to go back to Paris!
    And it seems so nice that you and your friend were enjoying the simple treasures in the city ;)
    Plus, my favorite picture of the bunch is probably the fourth to last one, the one with the overview of the entire city ;D

  6. Wow. I so want to go to the carni now.


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