Thursday, August 5, 2010

August Agenda

It’s going to be a quick month, thanks to trips to Provence (yay) and New York (yaaay) and—oh, why not? another pop-up to London. But I’m determined to make the most of this last month of summer in Paris, even as the weather tries to shut me down. On the agenda…

• Velib’ing (particularly important as my gym membership has ended and I’m letting it, but hopefully not my ass, lapse for awhile)
• Terrace surfing (morning, noon and night, including a taste of the new Galeries Lafayette rooftop)
• Picnicking, in the Jardin du Luxembourg, along the Seine, under the Eiffel Tower—who’s in??
• Ice cream in the courtyard of the Hotel Bristol
YSL at Petit Palace
• A spin on the Grande Roue
• More terrace surfing
• More Velib’ing
• The discovery of at least two new places and/or neighborhoods
• Saying yes


  1. Amy, you ask who's in: Me!

    I hear you on wanting to take advantage of summer - even when the weather doesn't cooperate. I'm heading to the Villette tonight to watch the outdoor movie (Juno) even though I've been warned to bring a blanket (A blanket!) It's true actually - I remember this from past years.

    I keep seeing the YSL exhibition come up. I *keep* saying, yeah, I need to go to that. Thanks for yet another reminder.

    Oh, and have fun in New York. But be careful! I went in June and almost didn't want to come back!

  2. I like that last one - "Saying Yes." That of all sounds the best to me. Nothing like saying "yes" to adventure! Sounds like you are going to make plenty of it for yourself in the coming days. Have fun!

  3. Me !me ! moi ! mi !
    I have to learn to start saying Yes more often .. I think I got weird after moving to Argentina and I am too quick to say no .. or wait .. I will just Say Yes :)
    It sounds like a perfect August, Amy, have fun !

  4. I'm in! If only I still lived there...
    New Gal Laf resto sounds lovely!

    And picnicking! Don't forget Parc Montsouris!

  5. Yay, Provence! Yay, YSL at PP! Yay, picnics in le JdL! Our Augusts sound v similar. Bon voyage and see you at la rentrée!