Thursday, March 3, 2011

The little things I miss

Pralulines (Oh, I miss these a lot)
• Velibing
• The green bookstalls
• The frequent sound of church bells
• The irreplaceable smell of boulangeries
• Looking out from my treehouse across the zinc rooftops
• Rue Montorgeuil
• Being able to train up to London for the day
• All of you


  1. I miss them too. .. or at least seeing/hearing/smelling them through you.

    I know the sights/smells/sounds where you are now are totally different and sometimes caustic and rough on the nerve endings :)

    We will come back to NY one day and I will probably be in the same boat .. I know I will miss the people here, probably not the noise so much ..

  2. We're still here! I wish I could bottle the smell of boulangeries for you and mail it off, but I fear it might make matters worse.

  3. This made my heart clench! I miss those things, and everything else about Paris, for you and with you. And I didn't even live there for 2 years...

  4. When will you be back to Paris? I wish we could all live bi-continental lives.... wouldn't that be such an amazing life?

  5. And I miss my daily fix of God, I love Paris:)

  6. Missing it as well. You filled a void in my life & helped me carry myself through a challenging journey in a new city.

    Merci Amy

  7. You are missed here, too, m'dear. :) Your Paris enthusiasm was (still is... but it was cool to see in person) so contagious it made even a cynic like I can be about it feel warm and smooshy about the whole place!

    I could count on you for informing me about places to go and people to meet.

    But now, you are my NYC connection, and I love to be able to be in touch with the pulse that is there. I am counting on you for that, you know. ;-)