Thursday, March 10, 2011

Back then...

I was browsing through my photos from this time last year. Just out of curiosity, what was I doing?

Velibing, bien sur.

Noticing new street art….

… and emerging from the Hotel de Ville Metro stop in the evening to see it shine in the evening light.

Going to fashion week parties where the people were fabulous, the champagne, abundant, and the men… skinny.


  1. Ha -- that last pic is hilarious. Buttless Frenchman sipping bubbly!

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  2. I love La Mom's comment.... you really do see everything and anything in Paris :)

  3. Funny pictures, seeing the Velib brings back memories of crazy times in (the city is not made for bicycles...!!)

  4. I am going to Paris in 28 days with my bestest travel buddy. We will so be velibing around this most adored city! Can't wait!

  5. Sounds like Buenos Aires without the Velib ..
    I can't wait to be velibing around Paris .. or just walking .. or dragging .. anything, just to be there :)

  6. hahaha! I love how you had to mention the skinny men...c'est vrai!

    As for Velib...sighhh* I wish LA could adopt this amazing system!

  7. I will London within twenty-eight times along with my personal bestest journey pal. All of us may therefore end up being velibing for this the majority of admired town! Cannot wait around!

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