Monday, March 14, 2011

I went to Paris last night

The Paris Theater.

Mr. B and I went to see The Last Lions, a sappy-sweet but oh-so-sad documentary about a mother lion and her cubs in Botswana.

I love the Paris Theater. And cheesy National Geographic movies like this one. If you do too, check out Cause an Uproar.

(Since seeing the movie, I just can’t look at Milo the same way.)


  1. Terri Gross from NPR's Fresh Air did an interesting interview with the filmmakers last week, particularly about how animals express emotions and how we interpret their emotional reactions.

  2. The Paris was one of my favorite theaters when I lived in NY too. You'll be happy to know I'm going to the real Paris at the end of the week. I'll give her your best. :)

  3. I think my first "date" with my husband was at the Paris theatre. Well, actually my 2nd, the first was tea at Serendipity :)

    I have such fond memories of that movie house .. the wonderful films we saw there. I am so glad it is still there ! and still looking good. Keep it that way, we will be back someday !

    hello Milo ..

  4. Anne, that was one of the most amazing things about this doc - seeing the thought processes and emotions of these lions. I mean, it could have been the editing, but it was so moving and powerful.

    FTRB, oui, oui, please do give the City of Light and Dark chocolate my best. I'm hoping to follow in your footsteps before long!

    Candice, the theater's still a humble and lovely little slice of heaven in NYC. I love that it - and Serendipity - were the destinations of your first dates with your wonderful husband!