Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here’s to good health

I’ve been home for 11 weeks and it’s been a doozey. I’ve gone through two flights of antibiotics, a prescription for codeine, plus about two pounds of tissues. I have three prescriptions in my bag; two of them will be filled this week. I’ve had five cavities filled (yes, five).

My uterus is “wonderful” and my ovaries are “perfect”. None of my moles are suspicious. I weigh two pounds less than when I went to Paris.

Good lungs, low blood pressure, and my blood work was overall a-ok. I have one more doctor’s appointment later this week (if you consider the podiatrist a “doctor”; my dawgs do) but my final visit with an ear-throat-nose specialist was this morning. Finally, after all these weeks of feeling crummy, I have a diagnosis: silent reflux (doesn’t that sound like it should be said with an evil laugh??).

Brought on by stress, it’s basically gastric reflux without the heartburn. I’ll take some meds to calm my inflamed throat, and I have to avoid certain foods (including, um, chocolate and red wine? C’est trop cruel.). But overall, it’s a relatively benign situation that should be cleared up in time for spring.

Beyond being happy and relieved that I’m generally in good health, I just think it’s fascinating how connected our minds and bodies are. Stress and anxiety—and especially suppressing those feelings—are brutal and debilitating. It’s just as important to be kind and gentle to our souls as it is disciplined and active with our bodies. And, always, to be grateful for the health we do have.

Be good to yourselves, mes amis.


  1. I completely agree and am facinated too but the connection of mind and body. Imagine how we would prosper without the stress!

    So glad to hear you are stessed out but in good health!

    Cheers to a healthy, happy Spring!

  2. It's important that you go to the doctor in the first place! So many Americans are put into situations where they delay seeking help because of the expense or lack of health insurance but it's better in the long run. Stress seems to be the trigger in so many of our ailments which reminds us it's important to take time out and relax! Spa date?

  3. I've worked the antibiotics this winter, too. It feels like I've had the plague since December. But mine isn't silent - it's filled with loud, awful, old-man-sounding coughing. Very elegant. Especially when I've done it in front of a microphone at one of the many Celtic harp concerts I've given this March!

    Maybe your body is just releasing all that stress (though it was good, exciting and fun stress) from Paris?

  4. I am so happy to hear how well you are ! At least your reflux is silent, lord knows we don't want to sit around with noisy refluxes going on and on about the spicy food we eat , etc !
    No chocolate sounds like a cruel joke, I would get a 2nd opinion on that :)
    I slammed a door on my face, damaging my nose ( superficial but painful ) and now I have a full-blown bad throat/glands and feel like something the cat dragged in.
    All Birthday Celebrations have been delayed until tomorrow night at the soonest :(
    How great you returned lighter than when you left :)

  5. Yes, be kind to yourself, Amy! I keep having to learn this and it is slowly sinking in: the more I take care of myself, the more I'll be able to take care of what I need to do. Thus, less stress. Well, nice theory, any way. I just need to put into practice!

    Glad to hear you're in good health overall. Book yourself a massage? :)

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