Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cocktail hour

Are you a beer and macaron kind of girl?

Un verre de rouge avec des cacahuètes?

Or would you rather take a cup of rosé for the road?

At Pizza Chic, they make you think twice before pouring yourself another glass... of tap water.

At Coco & Co, they know how to sweeten un café creme.

Ah, the lovely champagne cocktail at the Hemingway Bar. J'adore.

What do you fancy?


  1. Oh a Kir at La Terrasse on the corner of Ecole Militaire...somewhere I will be in 2 short weeks!

  2. Oh my gosh - I can't believe how much French people love apéro time. I love Leffe Triple and pistachios :)

  3. illy coffee is so tasty and I prefer the wine to the beer....

  4. If I told you I would have to kill you!

  5. J'adore Paris aussi! Love macarons with just about anything and a glass of rosé /champagne cocktail with a perfect rose will definitely make my day!

    Vive l'indolence à la parisienne !

  6. Moi je choisis le verre de rouge avec des cacahuètes! :-)

  7. A rose to go, please. Super-size it.

  8. I so wish I wasnt at work right now! Every photo just makes me want a cocktail more and more.

  9. I think my first love in Paris is CHAMPAGNE, and a lot of it! Your choices are interesting though. The champagne cocktail at Hemingway might have to go right on my To Do list for my next trip. Merci!

    PS Beer and macarons...not that's a combo ! HA

  10. God, I would actually drink double my quantity of water if it were actually in that bottle! ha!

  11. Oh I just love the "vodka" tap water at Pizza Chic. I've always ordered wine when I've gone there so I never noticed this fun little touch.

    By the way, congratulations a thousand times over for your fabulous NY Times article. You write beautifully :)

    Hugs xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink


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  13. I think my first really like in London is CHAMPAGNE, and a lot of it! Your options are exciting though. The champagne mixture at Hemingway might have to go right on my To Do record for my next journey.

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