Friday, March 25, 2011

In four weeks, I touch down in Paris

I can’t wait to see my friends.

(I mean, c'mon. With friends like these, who wouldn’t be excited?)

To eat my favorite sweets.

And discover some new spots.

Paris in April... oui, I'm officially excited.


  1. Thanks for the article in yesterday's NYT with some great tips! My husband and I have been living in Europe for 2+ years (20 months in Roma and for the past 6 months in Paris). Spring has finally sprung -- in a big way -- and with just one month before we move back to California, your article reminded me that I can always sleep when I get home! So much to see and do and eat...

  2. Congrats on your article in the Times! Your blog has inspired me to go out and try new things--like the cornet vegetarien and the marché--during my year abroad. Paris looks absolutely beautiful now, everything will be in bloom for your arrival in April. Bon voyage!

  3. Amy! So amazingly happy to discover your times article and you! I lived in Paris from 99-2009, i work in fashion so im there all the time, just back from a 2wk could NOT be more spot-on with your insight and stellar savoir-faire et vivre of all the city has to offer! bravo!!! :)

  4. Je suis soooooo jealous!!! Good for you. It'll do your "re-entry" blues good.

  5. read your times article. brings me back to the good old days. glad i found your blog
    <3 your newest follower

  6. Great piece in the Times, félicitations! And you get to go back. One snowy evening at Alec Lobrano's event at the Spring shop we talked about your upcoming departure and mixed emotions. Front page of the NYT Travel section almost makes it worth leaving...any place but Paris, maybe.

  7. Merci, mes amis! I'm thrilled the Times piece resonated and brought back happy memories. Thanks for the messages. xo

    Shelli, I remember chatting... I remember that cold but lovely evening. It's funny how one can never shake free of Paris. I'm kind of thankful for that...

  8. You're coming back?!:) Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! For work or pleasure? And for how long?:)

    Looks like we'll be there at the same time:)

  9. I'm excited too !!
    But I don't have a yes on my teeth :(