Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some favorite 2009 moments

While I’m wary of setting New Year’s resolutions, I love looking back on and reminiscing about the previous year. Here are some of my favorite moments and memories of ’09:

• Everything about my first few weeks here in Paris: the crummy hotel, figuring out my route to work, discovering the gorgeous office. What a magical time it was.
AJ’s wedding
• The first Ogilvy rooftop party
• Meeting Mel in the South of France
• Dinner with Anna and Jeffrey
• The utterly random and fun 4th of July with Mel
Mom and Bob’s, Chris and Dana’s and Dad and Lo’s visits
• One night, binging on Top Chef, I got up for a glass of water and giggled out loud about how happy I was, and how crazy it was, that I was living in thls little treehouse in the middle of Paris.
• Looking outside at 10pm on a summer’s night and seeing pink and baby blue skies
• The crazy hailstorm I experienced beneath my zinc roof
• Biking Canal St-Martin and feasting at Spring with Alex
• Nights at Rosa Bonheur
The girls’ visit: lunch at Chez Janou, the boat ride, lounging in the Luxembourg gardens, discovering Didier Paquignon
• My cooking classes
Meeting Frank at the Pretenders concert
• Discovering Airborne Toxic Event and Glass Candy with Michael
• Tasting the warm pain aux raisins from Stohrer

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