Friday, January 15, 2010


I’m a Cojean addict. I like lunching at this clean little chain that makes good soup, salads and pressed sandwiches. I like going by myself and reading whatever French fashion or travel magazine is on hand and having my sandwich toasté and taking my little mid-day break.

But sometimes there is no time. And some days, like today, I crave protein rather than another sandwich. So today I picked up a smoked salmon quiche at one of the fabulous boulangeries on run Saint-Honoré and I ended up strolling down some side streets, eating my lunch. I hate doing this. I hate eating on the go; I hate navigating people and obstacles while also ingesting food as much as I hate exposing my food to the elements. It all makes me feel a little barbaric and crass. Yet sometimes I still do it, and today I got busted.

“You eeeet in zee street??” one of my colleagues sashayed up to me, face full of wonder.

“Oui, I know, it’s horrible.”

“Eeeet’s horeeeble!!” I looked down at my chocolate brown coat that was covered in flaky piecrust crumbs. Tres chic.

“Oui, je sais. Eeet’s horeeeble.”


  1. I have noticed Paris can be a tough time for eating on the street. Low curbs, doorways frequently don't have a stoop, no loading docks. One thing I've found useful (for a variety of occupations requiring a moment's respite or freedom from the wind) is that people rarely use phone booths and there's little shelves inside.

    If you can deal with the smell they sometimes host.

  2. Cojean looks good for a quick place to eat. I'll definitely try that next time I see one.

  3. Oh no, you didn't! Not in Paris. Never is Paris.

  4. Looks like I tapped into a real French faux-pas, hein?? ETS, never again, je promets.

    Zombie, I think I'd rather starve than eat in a little phone booth! No matter how convenient those little shelves are. There are certain places—public phone booths, bus stations, highway underpasses—that are so deeply dirty and disturbing, food should never encounter them.

  5. I was surprised when I moved to Belgium that you are positively encouraged to eat in the streets here. I'd assumed it would be a little more Parisian. Mind you, in Belgium we see people drinking cans of beer on the tram to work at 8am so I guess anything goes!!