Monday, January 11, 2010

Sugar-free Amy

I know this is will read funny, coming on the heels of my galette des rois pig-out, but I’m in Day 2 of a Sweets-Free Week. Go, me!

My intention was to start the New Year by declaring a Week of Vegan. When I was in Aspen with Craig, I was inspired by his energy and physique that’s no doubt influenced by his strict no-sugar, no-dairy, no-meat diet. Crap never crosses his plate. And between cleanses and detoxes and the rest of the regimes flaunted in magazines, and the conversations I regularly have with people about Michael Pollan and Food, Inc. and overfishing and the like—well, I figured it would be a good experiment to see what sort of shape I could get my mind and body in by abstaining from all animal products for a week.

And I will do it. I’ll also do a booze-free week. But, since I haven’t had any sweets—no chocolate, no dried fruit, no pastries (sacre bleu!)—since chowing on some gummies at a party Saturday night, the week is ripe for a sugar detox. And Day 2 means I’m nearly 25% there. Pas mal.

I’ve actually been eating pretty well since the holidays. Like, getting in the kitchen to make my own soups and salads and loading up on fruit and snacking on cashews and carrot sticks. I even made salmon and veggies one night. And the fact is, the slices of galette des rois were the only pastries I’ve eaten since my return to Paris. Oh yeah. There was also the one-pound bag of Twizzlers that “Santa” put in my stocking, and which I pounded through as I polished off Glee last week. (It’s a glamorous life, my friends.). But getting through the next five days—even though I have chocolate in my cupboard at home and in my drawer at work—will hopefully be a piece of cake. (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)

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  1. Nom de Dieu, Amy!! You ony have a few more months in Paris; enjoy it! There is plenty of time to deprive yourself of junk when you return stateside. Je suis tres jaloise!!
    Je vous souhaite le bon chance!!