Thursday, January 14, 2010

The impossible happened

I turned down Pierre Hermé macarons yesterday.

Someone at work was passing around a nice, big, fresh box of them. The chewy, little meringue-y cookies, sandwiching rich, creamy ganache looked heavenly and my team members eagerly plucked their pistachio and café flavors. And I just stood and watched. I was halfway through my no-sweets week. I couldn’t blow it then.

Today, I’m more than halfway done (hurrah!) and the sad truth is, I feel a difference. I have more energy. I feel slimmer. I’m proud of all the fruit I’m eating. In other words, I can’t deny the mal effects of sugar and pastries and chocolate and all of those wonderful things in life.

But I’m not being totally pious. To compensate for my dear sweets’ absence yesterday, I snacked on a baguette. And ate nearly the whole thing. Followed by lots of wine last night, which was followed by more bread with dinner. And a dense, chewy roll today chockablock with nuts and dried fruit. Beaucoup de pain, mais c’est la vie, eh?

Three more days. Easy, right? So long as the macarons don’t get passed around again. And then this weekend, I can break the detox with…. hmmm… maybe a warm pain aux raisins in the morning? Or a nice thick chocolat chaud in the afternoon? Or maybe with galette des rois in the evening by the fire. Life is beautiful.

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