Friday, June 19, 2009

Fete agence

Big agency party on the roof last night. It was spectacular.

Gorgeous cheese spreads. Wine. Fresh fruit. And, hmmm, hot dogs. It was cloudy all day but then the sun broke through around 8 o’clock as people started filling up one terrace and then the other. I talked to vips, my team, and at least one cute colleague. I talked in English and in French. I met new people and I danced.

Because the backdrop isn’t stunning enough, the Eiffel Tower did its five-minute strobe light spectacular every hour, and there were fireworks over Place de la Concorde (June 18 = when Charles de Gaulle rallied the French to resist the Nazis).

When I left at midnight people were incredulous—the party was just getting started! But I had to get up early to do some freelance. And I have two long days of work ahead of me. Besides, I still feel like the new girl and don’t want to wind up in any blackmail-worthy photos.

This morning, to sop up everyone’s alcohol-filled bellies, Lionel brought in bags of croissants, pain au chocolat and pain au raisin (which is quickly becoming one of my favorites… when you get a warm pain au raisin, as this morning’s was, there’s nothing much better). Everyone is rolling in late and giggling about the night.

It’s just like the-day-after parties back home. Except different.

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