Sunday, March 8, 2009

They do like their bread

Clichés are awesome because they’re so often true.

When I was walking “home” this evening, I took rue des Martyrs because I know it’s filled with all the neighborhood markets that I love: fromageries, epiceries, butchers, boulangeries and the like.

I love that the French flock to their neighborhood bakeries in the evening to get their baguettes fresh from the oven. I was surprised there wasn’t much of a line at Arnaud Delmontel, who won the Meillleur Baguette ’07. This is the bread they serve at Hotel Amour, and it was fantastique.

The line at Montmartre’s Coquelicot, on the other hand, was literally out the door. This was good because otherwise I would have gone in for a pastry. Today was my first pastry-free day.

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