Friday, March 6, 2009

In a word, fantastique

I went to work today and, I must say, the Ogilvy/Paris office is pretty damn cool. It’s that classic (beaux arts? neoclassical? Je ne sais pas) style with soaring ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, balconies, the works. But it’s jammed full with modern office furniture. I love it. And then there's the sixth floor terrace, on which you practically bump your nose against the Eiffel Tower, can spit on the L’arc de Triomphe and take in the entire city. Seriously, it's incredible.

I had a quick lunch with Frederic at a spot I’m sure I’ll go back to: a take-out joint with good salads, sandwiches and soups at good prices. Afterwards, he walked me over to one of the other two Ogilvy buildings to meet the general CD on LV. Just classic. Classic CD (head to toe black), classic French (older, charming, gracious, and yet a little aloof), classic CD office: gorgeous Corbusier furniture, giant windows overlooking the traffic outside, big desk in the corner and campaign outtakes and photos scattered about. We went through one of the current campaigns and then I was set free for the day.

I went to the LV flagship, right in between the two Ogilvy offices, to check it out and start immersing myself in the products and, I have to say, I sort of wanted to buy some stuff! A lot of stuff, in fact. I’ve never been into the brand, but they have some gorgeous bags and clothes. Of course I bought nothing. Just a Nutella crepe on the way home.

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