Friday, March 27, 2009

Pastry check-in

Given my obsession with sweets, I’m pretty impressed with myself.

I would say I walk by at least 23 patisseries and boulangeries every day. At least. And probably six to eight street creperies. And I probably see about 17 or 18 people chomping on pastries on the sidewalks.

And yet the only sweet I bought for myself this past week was one wee Pierre Hermé macraroon (oh, it was sooo good). So last night, I indulged in an almond croissant.

Sure they’re typically for breakfast, and this one had probably been in the display case for 12 hours. But it was heavenly. Soft but crunchy, buttery and flaky, filled with almond paste, and dusted with confectioner sugar and almond slices. They really have their pastries down here.


  1. AT- keep up the good work on the Almond Croissants- I need to find the best one when i see you

  2. Mer mer, I am on the case!