Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday night in the city

Last night was a fun Parisian night. Nothing crazy, but so not my typical night in New York.

I walked from the office on the Champs Elysée to the Marais, where one of Ben’s friend’s was having a launch party for her new company. Twilight here is nothing short of magic. The way the limestone buildings soak up the fading light and the way the streetlights—many of them, that old lantern style—glow against a deepening blue sky… have I mentioned how much I love it here? It’s magic, I’m telling you.

So the walk was nice. As was the party. Melissa is amazingly friendly and a bit kooky—exactly the kind of friend I’d expect Bennie to hook me up with. So that was fun. And I met and really enjoyed talking to an English artist, Charlotte Mann, who was there with her boyfriend, who was, as a guitarist, part of the night’s entertainment. (Another part of the entertainment was getting tattooed by a trannie, but I only saw that on my way out. Otherwise I’d have a badass American eagle on my forearm.)

Then it was on to the Canal Saint-Martin to meet JP and Kyoko for a bite. They’re taking a painting class (adorable) through the city and brought along their teacher, who’s half Belgian, half French, and every bit the bohemian artist. It was a nice dinner at Café Valmy: quirky, relaxed and very French. The perfect way to finish the week—my first week working in Paris.

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