Thursday, March 19, 2009

The (simple) sweet life

I’m obviously not living like a monk in Paris. But the rinse-and-repeat pattern* that has arisen from living in a hotel, out of a suitcase, with no social agenda, has offered a few insights:

• You can afford a daily sweet, in terms of calories, when you’re not going out for dinner and drinks every night.
• When you’re not going out for dinner and drinks every night, you save yourself a lot of money. And the occasional hangover.
• There’s something to be said for limited fashion choices. It's a hell of a lot easier to decide what to wear when you’re deciding between four pairs of jeans and Chucks, flats or boots.
• When you use your brain like a muscle, it gets tired. And you sleep well. Unless you have a cat that likes to wake you up a few times each night.
• When you write, it’s nice to have a set time at which you sit down at your desk.
• I can’t imagine a life without email, Facebook or blogging.
• I can only imagine how enriched my mind might be if I weren’t always on email, Facebook or blogging.

* Wake up, do some Michel Thomas French lessons, walk to work, work for a few hours, go to Cojean for lunch, work some more, walk home, eat, email, write, read, go to bed.

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  1. that sounds like a fabulous life. yay for the simple things!