Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rue Greneta

That's the address of my Parisian dream pad.

I got my first choice of apartment - yay! It's a special little place. You have to climb alotta, alotta stairs to get there, but then you're rewarded with tons of light and views of the other Parisian rooftops, a bit of the Pompidou Centre and the Sacre Coeur.

I am happy. And will grow herbs. And when it's not sunny, I will listen to rain falling against the windows...


  1. Tres excitment?? We cant wait to see it in person! counting the days!!!

  2. Wow- I am so happy for you Amy! Can you please show us pictures?

  3. Oui, tres excité... though I was advised today that 'excité' here is used mostly only for sexual connotations!

    The apartment is great - you will love it. I will post pictures next week after I unpack my battery recharger.

  4. ok this is so weird but I got a place at 20 rue Greneta and I'm moving there in a month!


  5. exactly what a fantastic locate -- can not delay to find out whatever you two come up with!

  6. tres excité... though I was recommended these days that 'excité' here is used mostly only for sex-related connotations!

    The residence is excellent - you will really like it. I will publish images next 7 days after I unpack my battery power recharger.
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