Thursday, March 12, 2009

The competition has sandwiches

I noticed on my walk from the metro to the office that Publicis has a giant building across the street (noticeable thanks to the Michele Saee façade). Then, later in the day, I was tipped off that it has a “drugstore” and that this drugstore is a good place for a sandwich. Always hungry for a good sandwich, I went.

To get to the bakery/takeout section, you have to walk through an international newsstand, bookstore and gift store fobbing the likes of Hello Kitty, Shu Uemura, Marc Jacobs and Kiehl’s (I can’t get away from the stuff). The takeout lunch selection was similar to Cojean, my new favorite lunch spot, but not as good and a little more expensive. So why ever would I return? The drugstore has one important and dangerous advantage: Pierre Hermé macaroons! Merde. I’m in trouble.

(Okay, so with a quick Google search, it turns out the Publicis drugstore is, if not legendary, has at least been around forever and serves more than Hello Kitty and sandwiches.)

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