Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A few spring fashion trends

If you come to Paris and want to be au current, here’s what I can tell you’ll need—at least this is what I gather from my vigorous window-shopping:

• Ray Bans. The Top Gun Aviators are over. It’s all about Risky Business Wayfarers. The more 80s the frame color (red! white! royal blue!), the better.

• Little cowboy booties. I’m surprised to see so many boots in the spring collections. But I guess if they’re ankle-length and/or open-toed (seriously), and especially cowboy-themed, they’re must-haves for your feets.

• I don’t know how big of a trend this is, but it’s one thing I see in cute boutique windows and that know I’m going to break down a buy soon: a cute little purse—just big enough for phone, keys, lipstick and cash—to sling across one shoulder.

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