Monday, March 23, 2009

I think it’s magic

When I was in Paris last New Year’s, I found myself walking through the quartier Montorgueil. I had no idea what it was, much less what it was called, but I was charmed by the narrow little streets and the indie shops and bars that were on them. And then I came across the actual rue Montorgueil with all the boulangeries, fromageries, florists, cafes, epiceries, etc. and—forget it—I was smitten.

When I returned in the summer, I sought out the neighborhood. I wanted to walk through the streets again. I snacked all over rue Montorgueil and did some window shopping. And now I’m living here. It’s just crazy. It makes me really happy. But I think we all have to be aware of these things that make us, if not happy, then at least sit up and take notice. Why do they do that? What does it mean? I think if we all think about things that really matter to us, even if it’s on the most subconscious level, they have a way of reappearing and entering and sometimes even changing our lives.

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