Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Braindead at 9

Yesterday was one of those mentally exhausting days. It started with some Michel Thomas French lessons and work on my book proposal in the morning. On my walk to work, I was fired up, a million things buzzing in my head. Fantastique.

With three projects, things are busy at work. One of my meetings was a brainstorm session with the art director whose English is on par with my French—just the two of us, no one to interpret. I would love to record these conversations and replay them later when I do have a handle on French. My sentences must be this blend of completely convoluted garbage and the most obvious, elementary thoughts. But, it worked (ca marche!)! It was challenging and used up a lot of brain cells, but it’s sort of fun, too.

At the office until 7. By the time I had dinner and got back to the hotel, I was glassy-eyed and fading. I sat at my computer, attempting to get some writing and emails out, but had to unplug and crawl into bed with my book and cat.

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