Tuesday, March 17, 2009

La pudge

Megan asked me if I’m going to become “a pudge” with all this eating. If history tells us anything, oui. (And better a “pudge” than a “sourpuss” as Bambi used to call me, right, Meg?? lol.) I put on 15 pounds when I spent a college semester here.

But now, with more living and eating under my (elastic) belt, I’ve learned a few key things:

• Only buy top-quality treats. They’re more satisfying so you eat less.
• You don’t have to eat the whole pastry. Even if it was tres cher.
• If you do have a two-pastry day, pick around the cheese in your salad and don’t dip into the bread basket.
• Always take the stairs.

But lest I sound like too smugly secure in my French-women-don’t-get-fat mentality, please share any tips you have! I know I will need them as I’ve tasted only a pittance of what this city offers—and you better believe I’m getting after all of them while I’m here.


  1. My tip is just to indulge and enjoy!

  2. Tip: Keep dancing!!

    And as far as the sourpuss goes...I get the biggest kick out of that whenever I see a photo of our cher grandmere, herself less than gleeful in most snaps taken of her! Ha! I guess it takes one to know one, and if we'd had a quicker wit (and fewer manners) way back when, we'd have told her so!

  3. I don't know how you could ever will yourself to pick around the cheese in your salad. Especially if we're talking about that warm chevre situation. I say - go hard or go home. If you resisted ballooning to 180 pounds while living a stone's throw from Momofuku Milk Bar, your chances of making it out of Paris thin are pretty damn good.

  4. "go hard or go home" - i love it!
    well... i hope so... my fatty fate remains to be seen...