Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bonjour, ma belle

Okay, Paris weather… not the best. When I landed this morning the ground was slick with rain and the skies, still grey. By the time I awoke from my two-hour power nap, it was brighter but no less cloudy. During the four hours Mel and I sat inside Hotel du Nord (that’s right, four beautiful hours with my girl, drinking wine and catching up, and we could have kept going…), the sun was shining brilliantly—unless you count the brief 5 o’clock downpour.

But when it was time to head back to “my” apartment in the 13eme in the evening, Paris was putting on a show…

… basking in sunlit glory.

And the view from my apartment…

Can I tell you how happy I am to be here?


  1. At least as happy as I would be to be there :)
    Please keep the photos and updates coming, you know there are some of us in other lands who gobble this stuff up ...
    a bientôt !

  2. I'd be smiling 'til my face hurt! Blow the Eiffel Tower a kiss for me and wave to L'hotel Regina! (Our home away from home)

  3. Yay! I know that feeling, and it's amazing. I'm going in October for the second time since I lived there 2 (wow, 2) years ago. And, oh, am I excited! Enjoy :)

  4. I'm happy you are there. Brings back memories to me.

  5. The thought of you being there makes me happy, too. Oh, Notre Dame.

  6. Amy, have a wonderful time with your city and savour every moment.

  7. Welcome back! Do stay a while, will you? :)