Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friends and food

One of my favorite adages (grace à Oprah) is that life is all about what you learn and who you love.

I would add that, in the City of Light and Dark Chocolate, it’s also about what you feel and what you eat.

When I am here, I feel the deepest pools of joy and bliss, unlike anywhere else. I feel so inexplicably moved that I get weepy. And if I’m not feeling hungry, it’s only because I’ve already eaten a pain au chocolate, raspberry crumble, Nutella crepe or any combination thereof.

On this past visit, I’ve also felt so happy to have friends to come back to. It used to be enough to just enjoy Paris. But now there’s this extra element of having friendships to return to. Each time, they grow deeper.

There were gatherings at friends’ homes and in public places…

Speaking of public places, Sarah and I enjoyed old friends along the canal and made new friends at vernissages (bonjour, Serge!).

In addition to my Septime bliss with Ann, Kasia and I dejeunered at the adorable Chez Nenesse in the Marais. Dessert was a chocolate and pear tart. Miam.

Michael and I shared three decadent courses—which ended with a soufflé pour moi—at one of my favorite restaurants, La Régalade Saint-Honoré.

Mel and I had salades Chinoise craquantes at Hotel du Nord, belly laughs at Crazy, Stupid Love and a feast at a friend’s house that ended with Comté and Lola’s brownies, which sent everyone over the moon.

And I got to see V and Amandine, two girls who made my Ogilvy/Paris office nothing short of kickass.

Obviously, I missed spending time with Jo. But next time, the trip to Stockholm will happen. As well, I hope, as many other happy meals and aperos in Paris.

Merci, mes amis!


  1. So glad that I could hang out with you my dear. Looking forward to seeing you in NYC this winter I hope! Beautiful photos. xo and lots of love, Erica

  2. sorry to have missed you on this trip - next time! and, love that picture of you in the wine shop (wine bar?) - you look so happy!

  3. Lovely post Amy, celebrating what matters most. And might I just add you look absolutely gorgeous :)

  4. So glad to have seen you - looks like we have so much more to gab about next time!

  5. Amy, it was lovely to have seen you! :) Thank you for posting about all your happenings while you were in town. And OH LORD! That soufflé! Holy cow is that terrific-looking! I can always count on your for some fantastic vicarious eating. :D Thanks!

  6. Looks like you had an amazing time, and I also am so thankful to have made such great friends in Paris...I can't wait to return to those friendships soon!

  7. Miss you already!!! Come back soon!! xoxoxo

  8. Amy! It was wonderful to steal a little Paris time with you. (Happy you enjoyed the Nenesse experience!) Looking forward to your next Paris visit or perhaps a rendezvous in NYC... until then I am with you in thought.