Saturday, September 10, 2011

Awake in Paris

I was supposed to wake up, after a long night of dancing with Jo, in Stockholm. But the European rail system, which I’ve always lauded and used as a comparison to mock America’s system, foiled my weekend plans. My train was canceled so I missed my flight and now, instead of catching up with my girl, sampling freshly baked bulle (buns), mazarin (cake) and kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls) and seeing the incredible Amy Cutler at the Magnus Karlsson Gallery this weekend, I am here, in Paris. I know there are worse fates, but I hate dashed plans.

I tried to motivate last night to go out but I couldn’t. Three and a half days of blitzing through Brussels’ chocolate scene actually exhausted me. Blimped me out. Made me weary, woozy and slow. So I took advantage of the terrace and sat with the herbs and flowers and finished Garlic and Sapphires while gazing across the city to Le Pantheon.

Then I slept for over 10 hours. And awoke to a beautiful sunny day. I’m going to see old friends and visit old haunts tonight. And enjoy another lucky day in Paris.


  1. wow !
    really nice pix of Paris !
    I like it a lot !
    (thks for your comments)

  2. Lovely pics of Paris. I just got back from visiting in July and really miss it!


  3. Oh what a drag! Well, as you say, there are worse fates than getting stuck in Paris, especially on a sunny day. Perhaps it happened for a reason? Keep your eyes peeled for serendipity!

  4. Cancelled train? That has got to be Thalys!

    I'm sorry you missed out on Stockholm (stunning city), but as you said, being stranded in Paris ain't so bad:)

  5. It really is a shame you missed Stockholm but so fabulous that you were in Paris when you missed it .. I love the photos :)
    besos ...