Friday, September 23, 2011

Paris, City of Light

I was obsessed with the sky on this last trip to Paris.

Every time I looked up, it was breathtaking.

Over the river…

…from terraces…

Just around random corners and hidden streets…

No wonder everything is so much more beautiful in Paris.


  1. I know. I've spent lots of time looking up at the sky, the light, in Paris, too.

    Did you ever ready that futuristic story about all the earth being under a cloud (nuclear war? I don't remember) except this one little patch of sky where an old woman lived and raised a garden.

    I think Paris has its own special "patch" of sky where unique colors and light comes through.

  2. I am the same way with the skies here.
    I should publish a photo book, one of those honkin big things with just pages and pages of sky photos lol..
    When will you be back in Paris ?
    besitos. C