Friday, September 30, 2011

It’s a good weekend for cupcake camp

Seventy-five degrees and sunny? Oh, to be in Paris this weekend… Sounds like good cupcake-eating weather, after all.

Cat Beurnier’s Cupcake Camp is back, this time at the adorable Le Comptoir Général in the 10eme. The deal is a bunch of professional and amateur bakers make dozens of cupcakes to be considered le meiux. Which means someone has to sample the goods. Many, many goods.

It’s not often you see Frenchies behaving like gluttons. To be crass, licking crumbs and going back for seconds and thirds. And fourths. But it happens. I witnessed it last year at the inaugural Cupcake Camp.

So I’m sad I won’t be there this year. To overindulge. To mingle with like-minded Sweet Freaks. And to contribute to a good cause—proceeds, after all, go to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Won’t you go for me?


  1. I'll be there photographing, indulging, judging and donating. Will provide full recap!

  2. Would any weekend be bad for cupcake camp??
    I won't be there either :(

  3. Did everyone had a great time during the cupcake camp? Hopefully they raised a lot of money for the Make a wish foundation, it's a great cause...