Monday, September 19, 2011

My Vegan Mondays

I’m back in repent mode, mes amis.

After my chocolate blitz through Brussels and my pastry binging in Paris, I returned to New York, a whole lot softer in the middle, prompting me to stock up on kale and apples, oats and bananas. I’ve been a good vegetable eater for 48 hours.

Green tea
Green juice

Smoked tempeh wrap with greens*


Whole-wheat penne with pesto and roasted pine nuts and tomatoes
Dark chocolate from Mary (just a couple squares!)

* I started my new job today and am so excited for all the new lunch options. Today, I went to ’Swich. They make healthy, easy!

** I started my new job today and am super excited for the fully stocked kitchen! Seriously: giant bowls of bananas, apples, plums and peaches; canisters of cereal and snacks; refrigerators filled with Greek yogurt, Naked juices and god knows what other deliciousness. Good thing, too. I think I'll be spending a lot of hours there.


  1. I seriously would kill to work for a company with a stocked kitchen like that. But I'd also settle for a wholesome sandwich company like 'Switch! Paris needs more of that kind of thing :(

  2. I am a slacker in the eating well/healthy/vegan catagory lately.
    But I did have some lovely baked squash with all kinds of herbs and greek olives last night ..
    I hope your first week at the new job is fabulous and will only get better :)
    besos. C

  3. Oh pooh!
    Let's talk about moules et frites!

  4. J'aime 'moules et frites'!

    I am lucky enough to work a part-time job at a salad/wrap place while I study at uni.

  5. what do the stars mean * **?
    That's the deal at those places you work yr guts off and get free bananas -NEW YORK!