Thursday, September 15, 2011

American imports

• Beef Jerky
• Nutz Over Chocolate Luna Bars
• Vanity Fair magazine
• Little Debby Nutty Bars
• Low sodium Planters Mixed Nuts
• Cherry Chapstick
• New York energy

When you live abroad, there are certain comforts, tastes and memories you miss from the States. So I’m all too happy to be a mule for my French and expats friends, who request certain (random and hilarious) goods, despite France's reputation having the best of everything.

When I lived here, I asked friends to bring me Great Lash mascara and when I returned to New York, it was Speculoos I begged for from Paris. What would you miss from each city?


  1. I'm on that list! I also would add Annie's whole wheat bunny crackers. I don't care that they're for children, they're damn good! Also, I'm not ashamed to say that I would kill for another box of Triscuit. The box my husband brought back from a U.S. business trip lasted all of a week!

    From Europe I would miss Speculoos for sure, the fresh whole grain breads, French butter (oh the butter!) but more than anything, the comté!!

  2. My American food list is too long. Real Hellmans Mayo would be nice. They sell something like it here but it is more like Real Industrial Grease.
    Bisquick :)
    Lubriderm, Clinique Base, Lancome mascara, .. my visitors are so tired of being our mules ~

  3. I haven't spent long enough stretches in Paris to miss anything American, at all. Three weeks was my longest stay, and the only thing I missed even remotely was my ancient, huge, claw foot, cast iron bathtub.

    Hard to "mule" that over the sea!

    But now I know how to make it I just have to find a cuisinart in Paris!!!

  5. ha...i always like seeing lists of peoples' requests. I usually cart back kraft mac'n'cheese (because I really can't stomach paying the prices at Thanksgiving for it - and sometimes you just want that non-fancy, industrial big bowl of it no matter how bad people might say it is), beef jerkey, smoked salmon and various other salmon goods from Seattle and sometimes brown paper lunch bags. I don't really have a lot to use them for, but somehow it's just comforting to know i have a supply should I need them! :)