Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things that made me happy today

I keep checking my friend Connie’s posting about little things that make you happy to see if anyone else has shared their delicious ideas. Today, I had a host of the smallest, simplest pleasures:

• Waking up, having slept really well
• Reading a bit more of Jhumpa Lahiri’s Unaccustomed Earth
• Skyping with Zack
• Receiving a delicious Kusmi Tea candle as a gift
• Email from Mer
• A party invitation in the mail
• My homemade salad (greens, apple, walnuts and parm in a lemon-olive oil dressing) and sautéed Brussels sprouts
• A fire
• That this stupid rash on my neck is finally (hopefully??) going away
• My Jour & Nuit Bernachon chocolate bar (oh la la)
• A moisturizing face mask
• Chet Baker on the radio
• Finishing my article
• Dreaming my life away


  1. Liked this alot ~ good to focus on what we like vs what we don't like/want, makes us feel better and usually gets us what we want! Hugs, Lise xx

  2. Merci, Lise! I agree. And when you focus on those little things, you realize you have it pretty damn good! xo

  3. just read this- so glad my email made your list. i feel the same when i read your blog

  4. I love appreciation of the little things. Thanks for reminding me!