Monday, March 15, 2010

Sweet touring

After the long, cold winter, I’m dying to reconnect with the city. I miss the long days of wandering around, discovering new streets and shops, nibbling on fruit and pastries along the way, falling in love and feeling enchanted in this still foreign but more and more familiar city.

I motivated to do a little exploring over the weekend, and it was mostly (surprise, surprise) centered around sweets.

Friday night after work, I had to go to the Conran Shop so I hopped on a Velib and pedaled over. It’s been a nightmare finding free stations lately, which drives me crazy. This time, however, it brought me to boulevard Raspail, where there were plenty of empty slots. I dropped the Velib and started on my way when—boom—what’s that?? A brand new decadent patisserie, just begging to be visited.

I scoped out the offerings and learned the back-story. But I refrained from buying the pineapple bonbons, despite how badly I was pining for them.

Saturday’s tour brought me all over the 11th and 12th arrondisements. This time, I expressly indulged.

First, with a madeleine (okay, two) from Blé Sucre…

Then a date pastry from La Ruche à Miel...

I stumbled upon this little chocolatier and couldn’t resist un poisson d’Avril marzipan (too cute!).

But finally, I said, woah, fatty! and I promptly returned home where I was safe from these temptations.

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