Friday, March 19, 2010

Cojean: the unofficial lunchroom of Vuitton

Cojean had my favorite Ceasar poulet sandwich this week so each day (except Vegan Monday, of course), I dutifully stood in line to order my lunch. Today there was an especially long line so I did what always helps pass the time and keep a smile on my face: I people-watched.

And then I started counting: 1-2-3- Mahina bags; three leopard print scarves, two blue and purple, one grey and black; three Speedys in three different sizes, one with Mon Monogram; a vernis Alma bag. Then I noticed the monogram wallets that started popping out of the bags, the black satin, rose-adorned shoes and LV watches a’plenty. It was as if all of Vuitton had descended on this little lunch spot from the nearby HQ, leaving me feeling like a ragamuffin in my Comptoir des Cotonnieres leather jacket and three-year-old Mango jeans. And of course all I could think was, how much do they get discounted?? These people were head-to-toe Vuitton!

For the record, I don’t get a discount, no matter how deeply I am coveting. And lately, I am deeply coveting.

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  1. I saw your post on The Paris Blog and had to comment because it is indeed the LVMH 'cantine' of sorts. I thinks it's pretty funny to see everyone dressed in head-to-toe LV, but I can confirm that the discount is more than generous.

    By the way, have you tried their orzo pasta salad? So delicious!