Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Les Deux Plateaux

Inside the paved courtyard of the Palais Royale, one of my favorite places in all of Paris, Daniel Buren’s 260 uneven black and white striped columns have recently been revealed. When it was first installed in the 80s, it was controversial: Hey! What’s that modern art doing outside this historic building! But it seems the French have chilled a little in the past two decades and now they're quite proud of the installation.


  1. oh my goodness finally, that was under construction for about 2 years!

  2. Hi, first time here. I'm a photographer, and, as a photographer, I keep going to see the columns with people and keep remembering that they are all covered up/hidden away and feeling a bit silly. So thanks for letting me know that they are all available for dancing on and twirling round in all their glory!