Monday, October 19, 2009

A change of pace

So, agency life is going to change again. We’re moving to LV. Part of the agreement of winning the relaunch is that we’d work in-house, at least part-time. This is exciting on many levels. My commute will now be a 10 minute walk and I won’t have to battle the crowds on the Champs-Elysées—though I will miss the Christmas lights which will be turned on soon. Similarly, I won’t miss the near-death experiences riding the Velibs in the morning (just kidding, mom). But that also means no more riding through Place Vendome or Place de la Concorde—two gorgeous highlights of my commute.

This also means I have to step up my wardrobe. Dang. Everyone there is going to be decked out in designer duds. I’m already in a wardrobe slump, not loving my fall options and feeling too poor to shop. My strategy for now is to buy some killer boots, one fabulous sweater and a great top. That’ll do me… unless the LV employees are really all that. Or unless we get the coveted discount…

I have loved this office from day one (what’s not to love?). But change is good. I’m ready.

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