Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In season: pears

The day after my fantastic pear crumble at Maison Baron-Lefèvre I bought a pear at the Talensac market. It wasn’t a conscious decision to stick with pears—I was just trying to break recent patterns (strawberries, cantaloupes, bananas and peaches) and get a different kind of fruit. But it makes sense as it’s pear season; there are pears a’plenty. And that Williams pear I bought was divine: firm but ripe, sweet but not excessively juicy, gigantic and delicious. It was bursting with flavor, just like most other fruit in this fair country. So good, that I had to sample another pear this week. And I will most definitely look forward to hitting the marché this weekend for some more sampling.

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  1. My son is very excited that pears are in season. After peaches, pears are his favorite! Thanks for sharing the recipe.