Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday night at Le Bon Marché

Not everyone can say they’ve danced inside Le Bon Marché. On a Sunday night. Champagne in one hand, macarons in the other.

But last night, Michael and I attended the soirée for the Guy Bourdin exhibition, and we did just that. Shake, shake, shake!

It was a fabulous night, as I knew it would be once Michael pointed out Grace Coddington’s brilliant red hair receding through the sea of black. I was desperate to find and approach her to hopefully gush a little about her creative genius, but she came and went too quickly. So I had to settle for Suzy Menkes (can you see her hair there?).

Gareth Pugh, Gemma Ward and some totally over-the-top fashion-types were in the mix along with your average painfully stylish Frenchies.

Guy Boudin’s photos and films are quite beautiful and amazing and inspired some silly, surrealistic poses from us.

Fun. Funny. Fabulous. Especially for a Sunday night.

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