Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sara, Gypsy, Rhiannon

You can’t beat a Saturday night Fleetwood Mac concert in Paris. I mean, how often does the opportunity come up?

Mel and I arrived at Le Zenith after the legendary band had gone on (damn 5 line!) and promptly found floor space to start dancing and acting like the mature ladies that we are.

Stevie took a little while to warm up. J’ai eu peur at first—she couldn’t hold her notes and was flubbing words. When she destroyed Rhiannon, I was worried the show was going to be a bust.

But over the course of the night (and costume changes, which were all variations on the same bedazzled, flow-y, gypsy-ish dresses) she warmed up and finally sang brilliantly.

But the show definitely belonged to Lindsay, who rocked all night. He was wailing on his guitar and singing his heart out, which especially impressed Mel.

The whole band, in fact, really rocked. You could tell they were ecstatic to be playing, and having a ball, and we all threw the love right back at them up on stage.


  1. glad you had a good time. Personally I detest Zenith and very little would persuade me to visit there again!!

  2. Who did you see there, Eli? I thought it was a good in-between sizes venue. I couldn't do anything larger, but it was perfect for FM!

  3. First time was Patrick Bruel - one of my favourites.

    2nd was Christophe Mae with Swedish friends - loved him in Le Roi Soleil but not a fan of reggae although it was lovely to see Yannick Noah as his guest - happy memories of him playing tennis at Wimbledon!

    Plan was to see Il Divo (not really a fan anymore - more to meet up with people) in April but fortunately Patrick B was at Casino de Paris the same evening (and we are on the dvd!!)

    Boss is seeing FM in London - told him it should be brilliant based on your experience.

    I do quite like Bercy but prefer the smaller venues - I live 5 mins from the O2 in London but hate it!

    Hope you are warmer now!