Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall fashion trends

Saturday afternoon, I did what all French women do: I went shopping. And I got into it! (Without actually buying anything.) Beyond the already exhausted distressed jeans, boyfriend jackets and over-the-knee boots, here are a few fashion trends I noticed:

• Grey and navy: Together, everywhere.

• Leopard print: Ditto. Shoes, scarves, sweaters, handbags…

• Cropped sweaters: One of the less heralded 80s trends (which reminds me, I tried on a sweater with shoulder pads. Shoulder pads.).

• Flats: Boots, ballerinas and oxfords. (Au revoir haute talons?? Jamais!)

• Chunky knits with layers of semi-transparent tees: Knit vests and sweaters that look like your mom made you; sexy transparent tees that the French excel at.

• Black leather: Leggings, shorts and jackets. Wear with leopard print at your own risk.

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