Sunday, October 25, 2009

It wasn’t all bad, though

Absurdities aside, there were many pleasant surprises and moments and some good fun this past week.

I took my last cooking course, which took me to a Parisian suburb for the first time, for the article I’m writing. Now I just have to write the article.

The sugar detox made a huge difference. Friends, I had one-third of a chocolate bar, mon strawberry Coeur, and five pineapple rings in 12 days. This is unheard of. And I can feel it. My energy is more consistent and, yes, my stomach is flatter (not firmer though. Sigh.)

However, I received a two-pound box of Neuhaus chocolates as a thank you for devoting my summer to the pitch. A very sweet gesture. I had them in the apartment for 48 hours before I broke into them. And let’s just say the detox is over.

I’m sleeping again. After those weeks of stress, interrupted sleep and insomnia, I can’t even tell you how good it feels to sleep for seven hours.

I’ve been studying a lot of French. I’m trying to consciously carve time out of a couple days a week to study and do homework. I really want to get better at the language.

I went bowling with Jo. Totally random. Sort of lame. But still, fun. Met a few people and did something different.

I discovered a new bar with Jo and Michael. Hallelujah! Chez Jeanette. Not only is it super cute and filled with French hipsters, but it’s a seven-minute walk (past all the hookers on rue Saint Denis) from my treehouse.

I ended the long workweek by staying out until 3:30, dancing. After Chez Jeanette, a crew journeyed over to Social Club. A funny little place with 17-year-olds as well as us “adults.”

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