Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Books and pie

Books and pie, books and pie... it was my kind of night.

Forever wanting to check out Cocotte, Rachel Khoo's Pie Party last night was the perfect excuse to head to the 11th arrondisement and explore this foodie bookstore/salon de thé.

As expected, it was darling, with inspiring and pretty books including a whole cubby shelve devoted to books about chocolate.

But the reason we were there was to bake some pies. Four kinds of pies. It took more time and work than expected, but the little tartlettes were more delicious than I anticipated, too.

There were five women in the class, and Rachel had everything well set up in advance.

We made and rolled the dough, sliced the apples and bananas, mixed lemon curd and cream, and decorated with small personal touches.

In the end, we each had eight (eight!) tartlettes to bring home in a box. Except I ate my two banana-dulce-de-leche-cream-pies right there in the store. Who could resist?

I had to share some other pies with Michael, Josephine and a cute waiter at a nearby restaurant to limit my damage. I figured five pies in 15 hours is quite enough.

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