Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sion of paris(imperfect)

Still waters run deep. That’s what I have always felt about Sion. She’s never the most boisterous at a gathering (unless she’s laughing – she has a kickass, contagious laugh). She’s always calm and collected. But once she’s engaged in conversation, she’s absolutely radiant. Sion is quick with a smile; she’s warm, thoughtful and sincere; and then there are her creative talents. Have you ever read her poems or essays? The girl is brilliant. I admire and envy the complexity, depth and intelligence that ignite her internal engine.

As I’ve gotten to know Sion, it all makes total sense. Not only is she a fellow Scorpio (!), but when she explains how she’s feeling, or where her head is, it’s always a place and a feeling that I get. Places and feelings that I’ve also had. And she shares them so articulately and honestly in her blog. So it’s for that and many other warm and fuzzy personal reasons that I’m honored to have Sion on the Blog Tour!


  1. Fabulous blog post/interview with you. Love the questions and your answers. I am certain to become a fan of Sion's blog too!