Saturday, February 25, 2012

Park City pit stop

Sometimes you just really want to get out of town. Other times, you never want to leave. I've definitely been feeling clingy towards New York lately—just not enough time to enjoy the city and my friends there. A business trip that engulfs a precious weekend was hardly something I was looking forward to. Until I arrived here, in Park City.

To be fair, I was excited before we arrived and were treated to crisp mountain air, beautiful blue skies, and sweet alpine architecture.

I've never been to Park City before and was excited to discover this historic mining town with its fascinating politics and people.

But, 24 hours in, I'm finding it's a place I could certainly get used to.

Grand lodges filled with charm and comfort.

A modest but artsy community.

Fun colleagues who make it feel as much pleasure as it is business.

And we haven't even hit the slopes (or zip lines) yet...


  1. Hello Amy, I put your book up on my blog today... loved it.... Congratulations... xv

  2. I've never made it to Utah (or skiing for that matter) but this definitely makes me want to go! Beautiful! And the fresh air.... unbeatable.

  3. Lindsey, the skiing and mountain air have been amazing. But to my mind, southern Utah is where you should go... incroyable!

    Vicki, thank you so much for your post - so thrilled that you enjoyed the book! xo

  4. Something about places with fireplaces make you never want to leave them. I know. I just played my harp in front of a fireplace on the coldest night so far this year...

  5. Sometimes you just really want to get out of town. Other times, you never want to leave. i agree with you, and i always want to out of the town, beacuse, sometimes, the presure leave totally can't breath