Saturday, February 11, 2012

Erin of Butter + Brass

I have a confession: I have a girl crush on Erin. No, I’ve never even met her in person but I’ve been following her blog for years and we’ve been corresponding along the way and I just know we’d be fast friends if we lived in the same town.

Erin is uber talented (check out her design, for god's sake!), inspired and engaged—all you have to do is look at the artists and photographers she curates, the beautiful life moments she captures, and the fashion she shares (oh, the fashion!) on Butter + Brass and beyond. The girl is just cool. She has a sweet soul, stylish sensibility, and thoughtfulness gushes from every word she lays down. Personally, I love having girl crushes, and I’m thrilled that Erin is part of the Paris, My Sweet Blog Tour. Merci, Erin!


  1. Love how she highlighted the book!! And thanks for introducing us to a new face!

  2. Hi Amy - I just got done reading Paris, My Sweet. It's absolutely gorgeous, so much a love story. I devoured every word (ahem) and was amazed at what a kindred spirit I felt in you - our age, our "baby" questions, our Francophilia, our writerly status. I'd love to sit down over a really good pain au chocolate and visit with you!

    I'm also loving this blog book tour. I've visited Sion and Peter, but haven't "met" the others yet. Thanks for the introductions, and I wish you so much of the best for your book!

  3. Lindsey, isn't Erin's design adorable? She's so wildly talented.

    Amy, thank you so much for the kind note! I'm so happy you enjoyed Paris, My Sweet and I already knew we were kindred spirits from your own blog and many sweet and funny comments left over the years. Thank you so much for always being so thoughtful and generous with your time! XO