Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Linda of Parisien Salon

If there’s one thing you should have gotten by now, it’s that the Francophile and foodie communities of Paris and beyond are wildly talented and ambitious. Designer bags, fudgy brownies, debut novels, pastel watercolors… what doesn’t this lot from the Blog Tour do?!

Enter Linda Donahue of Parisien Salon. She brings so many great things and talents together with her wonderful online magazine and boutique. I first met this tour de force at a friend’s soirée—one of those lovely gatherings in a Parisian pad overlooking the zinc rooftops, the Eiffel Tower pulsing in the background, wine, cheese and sweets laid on the table in abundance (oh, moments like this, I too ask why I left Paris…). But since we didn’t have time to chat we made a date to meet for tea at Rose Bakery. There, we bonded over our backgrounds in advertising, connections to New York, and, bien sur, our love for the City of Light. Since then, as both she and I ping and pong through Paris, we’ve continued bonding and I’m delighted Parisien Salon is today’s stop on the Paris, My Sweet Blog Tour. Merci, Linda!


  1. Love Linda! So glad to see her on the tour!

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