Friday, February 17, 2012

Andi of Misadventures with Andi

Anyone who’s ever met Andi knows there is a light inside this woman that cannot be extinguished. She’s in Seattle, Vegas, Toronto, Beijing… always on the go, and never without sharing interesting posts along the way. And though she’s a California Girl, she always comes back to Paris… which is how I met her at a darling Montmartre bar over wine and cheese with about a dozen other bloggers in the fall of 2009.

Since then, I’ve been following Andi’s Frolicking/French Fridays (and Wordless Wednesdays and Saturday Sixes) along with all the delicious meals she shares. Her vivaciousness, generosity and bonhomie make her a favorite of anyone who’s ever met her, and I’m honored to have the covetable French Friday spotlight as part of the Paris, My Sweet Blog Tour. Merci, Andi!


  1. Oh I love Andi too - though I have yet to meet her. Hopefully one day our paths will cross!

  2. Amy, thank you so much for the incredibly kind words! Your book is wonderful, darling, amazing and I am thrilled to write about and support it!