Monday, February 13, 2012

Carol of Paris Breakfasts

There are few other people with greater passion for Paris than Carol G of Paris Breakfasts. At regular intervals every year, she (and Bear) journey from New York to the City of Light (as well as London and beyond) just to explore new bakeries, meet new people, and sketch and paint more of her lovely watercolors. Her witty posts are filled with wicked insights and sharp observations—every day is a fun new discovery at Paris Breakfasts.

The first time Carol and I met was nothing short of classic. She invited me to lunch at the very proper restaurant Lassarre, where a British TV company was filming a reality show about apprenticing waiters on their way to becoming proper serveurs. Needless to say, the service was abysmal and the typical two-hour French lunch dragged for at least three. Luckily, Carol has a great sense of humor and we just laughed and we continued laughing at subsequent meetings, such as for tea and sweets Carette and the croissant smackdown. As such a devout Francophile and devotée to all things sweet and pretty, I'm honored that Carol joined the Paris, My Sweet Blog Tour.


  1. I love Carol, too. She painted my cat Harry at a Patisserie. Oh Harry. He so wants to go to Paris...

  2. I love Carol as well and my husband gave me one or her prints with my beloved Cleo Cat painted sitting in front of Ladurée. What's not to love about someone who loves Paris just SO much!!!

  3. I have known Carol forever, and have loved her and her art in each of their many incarnations.
    She is overflowing with surprises, as evidenced by her always enjoyable blog posts.