Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Blog Tour

When I look back on my time in Paris, the evolution of this blog, and the luck and accomplishment of Paris, My Sweet, one thing is clear: from all of it, a whole community of friends was borne. In fact, my second year in Paris, the more I wrote and blogged, and wrote and blogged, the more connected I felt. I met amazing people and had the happy occasion of getting to know a big group of talented, warm, generous, adventurous, fun, diverse, supportive (largely) expats who altered my whole experience—they made it richer, more meaningful, and 10 times better. And, in some cases, the friendships have only deepened since I left. All in all, this blogging business is just another way that my Parisian experience ended up being life-changing. It was magic. And I’m forever grateful.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be taking Paris, My Sweet on a two-week “Blog Tour.” Every day, I’ll introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers who’s been kind enough to share some thoughts and words about the book. It seemed only appropriate that I use the forum that connected me to so much light and love, camaraderie and conversation, good will and joyful moments in Paris with everyone, everywhere.

To all my Blog Tour participants, thank you in advance—your support and generosity are astounding. And to everyone who comes along on the tour, I hope you enjoy meeting—or reacquainting yourselves—with these most amazing voices!


  1. Oh, so happy to read this - I am catching up!

    May I ask, when you start blogging, how do you make the human connection - how do you meet people? Is it as simple as "hey, we live in the same city, let's meet over coffee", or is there a blogging community who meets regularly, or what?

    So happy for you.. book is on the list.