Sunday, October 17, 2010

American speak

There’s Bagels & Brownies in the 6eme, and Twinkie right around the corner from me. But nothing speaks to the Frenchies' weird and un-ironic obsession with American food culture like the name of this cafe:


  1. Love! Reminds me of the shoe store I once saw in Les Halles named Oprah.

  2. I have a french friend who loves M&M's. I was disgusted. He lives close to Paris. I could not believe it. Here he can eat some of the best chocolate in the world, and he chooses our American WAX!:)

  3. I think we all love what another culture offers....difference is the spice of life...xv

  4. A shoe store named Oprah!? Love it!

    And, even though I bought chocolate-covered almonds at Jean-Paul Hevin today, I also love M&Ms.

    You're right, Vicki: it's the unknown and exotic that make things so tempting and delicious. Even when we know these things are heinous!